Get long beautiful hair with Djaling hair extensions

With hair extensions from Djaling you can get long beautiful hair with lots of fullness. Reboot Organic is an organic hair salon in trendy Christianshavn, and here only uses extensions made of 100% real hair, which ensures a healthy and naturally full look that can neither be felt nor seen.

For our extensions, the Tape-on method is used, ie neither glue nor heat is used. This means that your hair is extended in an easy and gentle way, and is, therefore, an obvious choice for special events, as your extensions can easily be removed again.


Prices on hair extensions

*The following are indicative prices only. The exact price can only be given after consultation when the color, quantity, and length are finally determined.

Hair extensions 45cm

Small fullness; 10 packages  Pris 1755,-
Big fullness; 20 packages  Pris 2595,-
Small full extension; 30 packages Pris 3740,-
Regular full extension; 40 packages Pris 4580,-

Hair extensions 55cm

Small fullness; 10 packages  Pris 1810,-
Big fullness; 20 packages  Pris 2705,-
Small full extension; 30 packages Pris 3905,-
Regular full extension; 40 packages Pris 4800,-


Readjustment fullness 10-20 pk  Pris 1220,-
Readjustment full extension 30-40 pk Pris 1525,-

Book an consultation

The right guide is the way to your dream hair. Every extension process, therefore, begins with a consultation, where hair color and hair quantity are assessed based on your wishes. Our extensions are available in many colors and shades and must be carefully matched to your own hair color to create a natural look.

It is required that you come by the salon for a consultation before booking for application. During the consultation, a detailed guide to caring for and maintaining your extensions is also included.

Please note that the deposit on the hair is to be paid in continuation of the consultation. See also our other hair treatments.


hår extensions af 100% naturligt hår