New organic product line

Kvansus® is a new product line with a focus on sustainability and ecology. All hair care products are Danish-made in Søften, north of Aarhus. In the series, you will find ingredients that can also be found in Danish and Scandinavian nature, including kvan and kale, which are both wild-growing in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries, and which have a caring effect on both skin and hair.

Kvansus® – values ​​that are worth living by

The product series uses only sustainable and natural ingredients for the manufacture and is delivered in partially recycled plastic packaging, in order to protect the environment as much as possible.

Kvansus® is certified with the international organic brand Cosmos Organic, which sets high standards for sustainability and ecology. In addition, the series has AllergyCertified, which guarantees that the product is gentle to use for you and your skin. Kvansus® products are all on the list of environmentally friendly products that ‘Green Salon’ recommends for their hairdressers.

Gentle on both skin and hair

At Reboot Organic, we have chosen to use Kvansus® product series, both because the series harmonizes with our own values ​​by setting high standards for sustainability and ecology, but also because the series is gentle on both skin and hair while the series embraces a wide range.

All Kvansus® products can be purchased in the salon