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Frisør christianshavn Simone

Michelle started her career in 2001 with Flemming Ginsborg. Her mentor, Katrine Bramsen, with her high spirits and professional skills, inspired Michelle to her great passion for the subject. The desire to complete the transformation of people made Michelle further educate herself as a make-up artist.

In 2007, Michelle chose to try her hand abroad, as a hairdresser and barber on an exclusive cruise ship. The international work environment provided great insight into the forms and styles of many cultures.

After 8 months, Michelle returned home and was hired as a freelancer in Film and Television. Among other things on TV2News. In parallel, Michelle worked as a hairdresser and make-up artist, for the highly acclaimed Hairdresser salon Monsoon, started by Doddy and Søren Hedegaard.

After 2 1/2 good years, Michelle left Monsoon to try her hand as a leader and was hired as a manager by Dennis Knudsen. During Michelle’s time with Dennis Knudsen, she has further improved her skills as a hairdresser and manager and has expanded her potential to the highest level.

In 2015, Michelle embarked on her first salon adventure and opened Cafuné with two other partners. It turned into 3 good years. Meanwhile, Michelle got her firstborn and the passion for the green transition took shape and in 2019 Michelle and Rikke opened the doors for Reboot Organic.


“I have worked with many different personalities, from Yoko Ono and Princess Marie, to the homeless in Project Gjeastebud and have pretty much tried everything the industry has to offer. My passion in the subject is to capture your personality and make it your style. I work from the shapes of the face and the shades of the skin to create harmony and dress. ”