Our hair products are carefully selected to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in the hairdressing industry, as well as fit within our organic hairdressing concept. Special emphasis has been placed on sustainability, ecology, and the use of natural ingredients in the products. To the fullest extent possible, we have chosen products that are produced in Denmark to reduce emissions from transportation and support local Danish businesses. Each product has been tested and approved by experienced hairdressers.

All hair products can be purchased without a prior appointment in our salon on Østerbro or in our salon on Christianshavn.

PARK Styling

Fashionable hair care products with a strong focus on the environment. PARK Styling is a Danish-developed product line with a focus on sustainability and natural content. The large selection of products allows you to always find the product that best suits your needs and your hair type. Natural ingredients. The products consist of up to […]

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Rebuild damaged, dry and worn hair Healthy and strong hair has never been easier. Olaplex has been developed to transform all hair types, and Olaplex’s pioneering and innovative technology is therefore reaping great success worldwide. Olaplex repairs all the destructive factors in the hair by intensively and effectively rebuilding the broken sulfur bonds. Once the […]

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Exclusive series of hair care products Oribe is an exclusive series of hair care products with a focus on the requirements and wishes of professional hairdressers and their customers. The products are made via the latest technology and from the most delicious natural active ingredients. The series includes shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, styling, and finishing. […]

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New organic product line Kvansus® is a new product line with a focus on sustainability and ecology. All hair care products are Danish-made in Søften, north of Aarhus. In the series, you will find ingredients that can also be found in Danish and Scandinavian nature, including kvan and kale, which are both wild-growing in Denmark […]

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Ingredien – Danish designed and Danish produced Hair Team Company is behind this Nordic Ecolabelled hair care series, which consists of both care and styling products developed and produced in Denmark. THE VISION behind the series is that professionals, as well as individuals, should have the opportunity to opt-out of allergenic and dangerous chemicals. Ingredien […]

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