Park Styling produkter hos Reboot Organic københavn

PARK Styling

Park Styling produkter hos Reboot Organic københavn

Fashionable hair care products with a strong focus on the environment.

PARK Styling is a Danish-developed product line with a focus on sustainability and natural content. The large selection of products allows you to always find the product that best suits your needs and your hair type.

Natural ingredients. The products consist of up to 94-97% natural ingredients. PARK styling is without artificial perfume, but smells of nature’s own scents; rose water, lavender, ginger, ylang ylang just to name a few.

We believe that nature’s own resources create the best quality products, as they are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and completely free of parabens and hidden E-numbers.

Not tested on animals. PARK Styling is produced on solar and wind energy and residual products from the production are handled in an environmentally sound manner. The products are not tested on animals.

Several of the products are vegan certified and soon their fragrance-free line will arrive in the salon.

Environmentally friendly deposit system. PARK has developed its own deposit system called ‘Used Bottle Recycle Program’, which helps to ensure that the packaging is recycled and we can thus actively take care of our environment.

How it works. PARK packaging has a value of DKK 20. You do not pay a deposit, but still, get DKK 20 back when you hand in the empty bottle at your local PARK salon. You can choose to get your money back or buy new products. We hope you will use the Environmentally friendly deposit system.

We have chosen Park Styling products due to the great focus on quality, functionality, the environment, and because the product range is suitable for both men’s hair and women’s hair.

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