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Frisør christianshavn Simone

Passion, creativity, advanced cutting, and coloring techniques, and absolutely top-Notch service. Rikke is not just the owner of Park by Reboot Organic, she is a Hairdresser & Makeup Artist and the salon’s color expert.

Rikke has several years of experience in leading hair salons and has worked as a stylist on a number of prominent fashion shows and events in Copenhagen. Having taught other stylists, Rikkes is fully updated in regard to new hairstyles and techniques and is often attending new courses at home and abroad. Her experience and passion for the hairdressing profession have made her a well-rounded expert, especially in working with long hair, where she excels with her creative setups, where even the smallest details are always fastidious.

As a customer of Rikke, you can expect the highest expertise the profession has to offer. Using advanced cutting and coloring techniques, Rikkes ensures that your hair will always suit your unique hair type and your personality.


“It is important for me to continue my development and become even more skilled as a hairdresser. My goal is always to give customers a treatment that goes beyond what they expected.

Haircoloring is my greatest passion, but I love all aspects of the hairdressing profession”