frisør christianshavn

Trine Sax

Frisør Sax - Østerbro og Christianshavnb

Skilled hairdresser with a passion for creating beautiful and modern hairstyles. Sax is extremely strong in her color treatments and likes to add her own unique twist to each treatment.

Sax possesses deep professional knowledge and a unique ability to understand her clients and their personal styles so that she can deliver the perfect hairstyle for them. She is incredibly creative and can create everything from simple everyday hairstyles to more complicated and modern expressions. Sax creates a professional and relaxed atmosphere where you can completely relax and just enjoy a wonderful treatment.

As a customer of Sax, you can expect pure pampering and a modern, beautiful result. Sax is always up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends in hair fashion and offers her customers the very latest and the best in the field.


“I always strive to deliver the best result and ensure that you as a customer feel comfortable and satisfied with your new hairstyle.

It is very important to me that my customers always feel that they get an extraordinary hairdressing experience”