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Frisør christianshavn Simone

Highly technically skilled with extreme concentration and a calm mind. Simone has been a hairdresser since 2015 and has extensive experience in both men’s and women’s hair.

With a keen eye for current trends, Simone loves to immerse herself in her work, where she always makes high demands on herself and her treatments. She loves working with color and often geeks out on techniques and theory, looking to add unique twists to her work. Simone’s experience enables her to tailor the color treatment with the technique to perfectly suit the client’s hair type and personality.

As a customer of Simone, you can expect a professional and unique overall experience. Simone’s calm mind and her deep understanding of the profession are reflected in the calmness and overview she brings to all her treatments. And with her high level of service, you as a customer will quickly feel completely safe and relaxed in Simone’s hands.


“I love being able to be creative and have a lot of different tasks during the day. I especially love creating big makeovers for customers.

My goal is always to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.”