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Experience, creativity, and a keen eye for lines and shapes. Trine is a skilled hairdresser with over 30 years of experience, of which 20 years she was as self-employed. She has a passion for beauty and fashion, as well as a unique ability to understand and meet customers’ needs and wishes.

Trine has worked at some of the biggest salons in Copenhagen, and in 2020 she was headhunted for Reboot Organic. Trine’s experience and professional skills mean that she always delivers quality treatments with an extremely professional approach. Trine is known for her creative flair and ability to see which hairstyle suits the individual customer best. Her keen eye for lines and shapes means that she can create unique hairstyles that at the same time support the customer’s facial shape and personality.

As a customer of Trine, you can expect to have your beauty highlighted in the best possible way. Trine is passionate about making a difference for her customers and will make you feel like a new person when you walk out the door.


“For me, coloring is a virtue. I love finding the right color technique and shade that will go hand in hand with hairstyle, eye color and complexion.

I am good at getting the best out of the customer. I make every effort every day. For me, it is always the hair that is in focus ”