Ingredien – Danish designed and Danish produced

Hair Team Company is behind this Nordic Ecolabelled hair care series, which consists of both care and styling products developed and produced in Denmark.

THE VISION behind the series is that professionals, as well as individuals, should have the opportunity to opt-out of allergenic and dangerous chemicals. Ingredien ensures a professional product range without “noise, dirt and debris” and with the least possible environmental impact. The starting point is that you, your children, fellow human beings as well as animals, should not be affected by unfortunate substances that adversely affect health.

DEVELOPMENT is a must and Hair Team Company constantly follows the research and development in the market. The ingredient is continuously re-evaluated and adapted so that we as consumers are always assured of the best and most well-thought-out product.

THE INGREDIENTS are, as far as possible, certified organic. All products are available with or without fragrance. And if you choose a product with fragrance, you are assured that none of the products contain any of the 26 highly allergenic perfume substances.
Ingredient products can be found on the ‘Positive list’ at Grøn Salon Danmark

Reboot Organic thinks: INGREDIEN is a series of intelligent and credible products, which have been developed by a team of competent, professionally skilled, and experienced people. The products can perform, and consideration for the environment and health is both top-notch and an integrated matter of course.